Our Objective


St. Francis College of Animal Homeopathy was established in 2003 in response to public demand for professional training in animal homeopathic medicines. 

Our primary aim is to deliver quality and comprehensive training in the application of natural animal medicines, providing graduates with a thorough understanding of the principles and practice of natural animal medicines. We provide this training to students anywhere in the world through our external study mode.

STFCAH Certificate and Diploma Animal Homeopathic courses are suitable for those working in veterinary clinics and hospitals, naturopathic centres, zoos, wildlife parks, animal welfare organisations, grooming salons, animal training establishments, kennels and catteries, equestrian and racing stables, pet shops, farms and rural holdings and for breeders, hobby farmers and companion animal carers.

Our success as a college is largely due to our ability to meet our primary objective – to deliver quality, comprehensive training in animal homeopathic medicines, by external study, to students anywhere in the world.
STCFAH aims to provide the student with the latest study material and information in the field of natural animal health care and medicine to provide professional training of the highest possible standard of innovation, ethics and safety. STFCAH is not a school of veterinary science, medicine and surgery. Rather, students of our college are taught to recognise those conditions in animals which require surgical or veterinary medical intervention and to refer such cases to an appropriate professional. STFCAH students are also thoroughly trained in the animal health sciences so that, upon graduation, they may work concurrently with allied veterinary professionals.

Our Mission

  • The purpose of the college is to teach students the philosophy, art and science of homeopathic medicines, providing students with a sound working knowledge of animal healing, with compassion not greed.
  • to provide world-renowned teachers that empower students
  • to promote the integration of the practices of Animal Homeopathic Medicine and Traditional Animal Medicine with the purpose of achieving a new framework for complete animal health
  • to educate our Professional Health practitioners in Animal Health along with the Veterinarians, farmers, breeders and the lay person, so to work within the scope of their expertise and within the guidelines of Veterinary Medicine
  • to establish an alumni of like-minded professionals that will support and strengthen Animal Homeopathic Medicine
  • to bring together collective experience that will carry Animal Homeopathy into the future
  • to provide animals with the same high quality of homeopathic care that is available in human medicine
  • to leave a legacy that will ultimately result in a more compassionate world for all animals