Our Objective


St. Francis College of Animal Homeopathy was established in 2003.  Our team РDiana Hayes and our Veterinarian Homeopath Рexpress that our primary aim is to deliver quality and comprehensive learning to an individual for there own use in the application of natural animal health of your pet.

STFCAH provides a sound knowledge that can be suitable for anyone curious to providing complimentary support for your own pets and farm animals.

Our success as a college is largely due to our ability to meet our primary objective – to deliver quality, comprehensive information for external learning, to a person anywhere in the world. STFCAH is not a school of veterinary science, medicine and surgery.

Our Mission

  • The purpose of the college is to learn the philosophy, art and science of homeopathic remedies (natural medicines)
  • to bring together collective experience that will carry animal homeopathy into your home or farm
  • to provide animals with the same high quality of homeopathic care that is available in human medicine
  • to leave a legacy that will ultimately result in a more compassionate world for all animals.