Student Discounts

Student at STFCAH
Are eligable for 30% discounts for all students at all levels of study are eligible to purchase homeopathic and herbal medicines for animals at a discounted fee.   
Phone Animal Clinic  1300 132 966    or     On-Line Store

Purchasing Natural Animal Medicines
Of Herbs and Homeopathic single or combination pet Naturopathic formulas, Animal homeopathic kits.
Students must always quote student ID number at the time of ordering.
Once received your order will be discounted which can be place either by 
Phone 1300 132 966   or   On-line store

Student Graduates
Once you have graduated from the Diploma Animal Course you are eligable to sign up as a “wholesale animal practitioner” with Holistic Animal Medicines Supplier receiving all formula or single homeopathic or herbal formulas at wholesale rates.