Student Support

Out team of tutors will be able to help answer any of your questions whilst studying natural animal health with STFCAH.

You can contact your tutor via email if you need assistance   course @ stfcah. com      or      info @ stfcah. com

Once you have enter the field of natural medicines animal studies, you may start any time of the year which suits you own schedule.

You are welcome to go at your own pace as a either Part time or as a Full time student.

Time frame of expected completion of each module would be approx. 4 months.



  1.  Animal Health Advice (AHA)
    Support outside the course curriculum, HAMPL clinic can assist you with your animal or pet’s health.
    For a small fee you can go-on line and correspond with a qualified animal health practitioner.
  2. Individual Distant Consultations for your Pet or Animal
    Which maybe more complex we can provide a distant Biofeedback Consultation Service.What we will require from you is either a “small sample” of the animal or pet’s fur or a feather.
    (Or if urgent support is needed, email a photo of pet or animal – only pet in photo)

    Full name of the patient
    DOB (if known)
    We also would need as much information
    drugs or chemical products are used and how often etc.Once we have done the scan we can then provide a individual homeopathic and herbal formulations specific to the animals more current or acute needs that need addressing.

The fee for this service is $120AUD, this will include 2 to 4 homeopathic custom made (and if required) herbal medicine.

HAMPL Clinic
email  or  phone.

Much Blessings to You.


Animal Homeopath  Principle and founder