I wanted to thank you from all four of us here at ‘A Purrfect World’ Cat Shelter – you have really changed our organization!!  It has become a healing center! … I am enjoying learning from you and seeing the results!  We are educating everyone! You are a special person!
Thank you,
Valerie  www.apurrfectworld.org


It was amazing, she just showed improvement each and every day.  I was especially happy that once she was off tapezole she came “alive”.  She was so lethargic on that medication.  Now she is doing well all around. She’s alive, she plays again, she is no longer constipated. She is just doing wonderfully well!


I am almost in disbelief. I have not been able to look in Kuli’s mouth properly, but we are seeing a different cat.
He is yawning with his mouth fully open, and has actually chewed chicken necks for the last two nights. I have not seen him eat a chicken neck for over 6 months.  I gave him the detox remedy as well as the other remedies and he stood there to let me do it, whereas prior to this he would run whenever he saw me reach for the bottles. His eyes also look clearer, no redness around the eyelids. To be honest, I am quite staggered by what I am seeing. His mouth is obviously less painful and I am hoping the observable improvement in behaviour will translate into physical healing.  He was due to have interferon treatment in a week and I am now a bit baffled about whether to proceed or not.  Stomatitis is usually a very difficult condition to treat, and it is said it cannot be cured, so what I am seeing in such a short time is quite amazing.  


I wanted to take the time to let you know what amazing success I have had with your feline accident medicines package! When the Vet operated on my less than 1 year old cat, Puddin’, he stated that her chances for full recovery or of even walking again were slim at only 5%. She was taking steps in less than a week after treatment from your medicine, using her litter box in just 5 weeks and has been walking on the front of her hind legs, they are still not strong enough to walk on the back side, for nearly 2 months now! She visits the Vet for check-ups and everytime he is astounded!! He now only wants to see her to view her amazing progress!! He credits your wholistic medicines with this phenominal improvement in such a short time! I am hoping that eventually the nerve regeneration will reach her tail, which will be the last area for improvement. I am so thankful for homeoapthic medicines and having discovered them.  I hope that others will give their pets the well deserved chance they need by using these medicines! They are miracles in a bottle! Puddin’ is living proof that “slim chances” can become amazing recovery!!
Charlene Lake  


In February (2004) I started using homeopathic medicines that specifically work on Bladder paralysis and Nerve Repair for my cat who had been hit by a car and had broken his tail at the juncture where the nerves are that control the bladder. I have been delighted with the results.  Within a week of beginning the homeopathic medication, he began to have the ability to urinate a little on his own.  He continues to improve gradually.  We have had him X-rayed him again, and it looks as though the bone is also beginning to go together.


Our dear cat ‘Allen’ was hit by a car, when we had rushed her to the closest Vet, we had got such a terrible prognosis from the Vet.   And not only bleeding and bruising, but her bladder  and rectum had collapsed, having sustained also a broken tail bone with two hip dislocated.    Now, after 2 months of using your formula’s she is nearly 100%, and urinating on her own as well.  Her tail was completely broken, and is hanging down, but it does not worry her.  The Vet said we could have it amputated when she is healed. Her vet  was actually amazed and in rather disbelief that she has started to recover her use of the bladder and rectum. He said in all his 20yrs as a Vet, he has never known a cat to heal, and he has seen hundreds of car accident animals with the same injuries. So we just want to thank you so much for your medicines that saved our cat’s life.
Jane Lawton  


Our patient’s (cat) bladder DID respond to your therapies and he was able to urinate reasonably well to almost empty the bladder, which I found remarkable as I had nothing to help him.
Dr.Angus McKinnon (Stewart St Vet Hospital) Our Dog who was hit by car was given a Vet diagnosis with acute collapsed paralysized bladder, prolapsed rectum, concussion, fractures.  Vet not having much hope for him, so this is how we started homeoapthic medicines. Currently he is just finishing the first dose of homeopathic medicine that was custom made according to our dogs conditions.  I have noticed a lot of improvement within the last week. He is peeing more and he is starting to try and defecate on his own. Seeing these signs and seeing Bary be his old self again has made us so happy.
Marie, Doug & Bary.