Advanced Animal Health – Module 4

Advanced Animal Health – Module 4


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Course Description

  • Animal Health Science (Part 2)
  • Basics of animal anatomy (the structure of the living animal body); physiology (the function of the living animal body)
  • Medical terminology (the language of the medical and health fields), as it applies in the field of animal care.
  • Looks briefly at the chemistry of living matter, specific pathophysioloqy. ie. pathophysiology is a modern term used in natural medicine which replaces the old terminology of pathology and disease

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Suggested books:

  • Veterinary Medical Terminology. By Dawn E Chrsitenson, Selma Kascczuke
  • Clinical Anatomy & Physiology for Veterinary Technican By Joanna M. Bassert, Mosby, Thomas P Colville, Joana M Bassert