Diploma Advanced Animal Health – Entire Course & Course Syllabus

Diploma Advanced Animal Health – Entire Course & Course Syllabus


Required Books

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Course Description

This Course Covers – Homeopathy Philosophy and Methods – prescribing for acute, chronic symptoms, disorders, constitutional prescribing, potentenzing and preparation of medicines, animal immunization, case-taking, chronic prescriptions , bio chemic medicine, obstacles to possible wellness. Learning about the word cure, palliation, and suppression, high versus low potencies, principles of vital force, mental, emotional symptoms, and clinical emotional repertory.
Animal Health Science – Basic Sciences of Biology, Biochemistry, Chemistry and Physics, Animal Anatomy and (applied) Physiology, Veterinary Terminology, Body Systems and Processes, Pathophysiology, Hematology, Heredity, Microbiology, Immunology.

Our aim is to empower the layperson or health practitioner to support a pet or animals of all species with alternative and safe health solutions, using nutritional and natural medicines. However we must point out that under no circumstances are we permitted to claim or diagnose a animal. Only a Veterinarian is trained in this feild.  However, once a diagnosis is established, the owner has the right to provide natural alternative medicines for their pet or animal.   For emergency and surgery we encourage suggestion of consulting a Veterinarian.


Study Options 

  1.  fortnightly payments, please contact us to discuss.
  2.  full course payment discounted
  3.  pay as you study per module $600AUD

Currently all “module study text books” are posted to you with selected books (if purchased also)


We do offer  *RPL exemptions.
Please Scan and attach copies and email
i n f o @ s t f c a h . c o m
or  fax
(Int +61)  08 9228 1793  your qualification/s)


RPL exemption example:

Qualified – Veterinarian, Veterinarian Nurse – before starting the Diploma Course, completion of Module 2 of the foundation course is required.  Diploma Course –  Module 1, 2 and 3 required, whilst “Veterinarian Health Science” – Module 4 is exempt.
Qualified – Herbalists, Homeopaths, Naturopaths – before starting the Diploma Course, completion of Module 2 of the Foundation Course is required.  Diploma Course – Module 2, 3, and 4 required, whilst “History of Homeopathy” – Module 1 is exempt.


All completed Module Assignments are sent in for marking upon completion:

Fax,  Email  or  Post

1.  Facsimile:
(Int +61)  08 9228 1793

2.  Email:
i n f o @ s t f c a h . c o m

3.  Post:

PO Box 528, Mt Hawthorn.
W.A. 6915.  Australia



  • A broad view of the history of Homeopathy.
  • The life of Dr.Hahanemann and Kent Homeomythology, theory and methods of Homeopathy Homeopathy myth and reality Orthodox and alternative theories of Disease.
  • Materia Medica Repertory
  • Animal Constitutions
  • Biochemistry and applications to animals
  • Preparations dosage and potencies
  • Applying LM Potencies
  • Modalities
  • Poly pharmacy prescribing
  • Symptomatic Homeopathic prescribing
  • Acute prescribing and case studies/li>
  • Case Studies
  • 100 Small Animal Diseases (Part 2)
  • Clinical Animal Repertory A – Z (Part 2)
  • Applied Kinesiology – Dowsing – radionics, autonomic reflex (ART) (Part 2)
  • Other health modalities of energy therapies
  • Animal Health Science (Part 2)
  • Basics of animal anatomy (the structure of the living animal body); physiology (the function of the living animal body)
  • Medical terminology (the language of the medical and health fields), as it applies in the field of animal care.
  • Looks briefly at the chemistry of living matter, specific pathophysioloqy. ie. pathophysiology is a modern term used in natural medicine which replaces the old terminology of pathology and disease


Completion the   ” Certificate of Foundation Animal Homeopathy” ,  or    equivalent studies, or RPL Completion of Cert. Module 2 only.

Delivery Modes

This course is offered via Distance Education (correspondence workbooks and books are shipped to you).

Flexible Enrolment

There are no times or date deadline for distance education courses, you may commence at anytime of the year.

Course Duration

Recommended duration of study: Approx 4 years part-time (2,000 hours) However, you can go at your own pace. With completion of each module is required within a 6 month timeframe.

Course Materials

Your investment includes four large comprehensive work text manuals.


* Can be purchase and sent with each study module.

  • Module 1     “The Science of Homeopathy”  Book By George Vithoulkas
  • Module 2   ” The Twelve Tissue salts of Schussler Remedies” Book  By Boericke &  Dewy
  • Module 3     Book  1. “A Veterinary Materia Medica & Clinical Repertory”  By Dr George Mac Leod          Book 2. “Therapeutics of Veterinary Homeopathy and Repertory”  By Dr B P Madrewer.  Book 3.  “Pendulum Healing Book”   by Walter Lubbock

Not available from College

  • Module 4    Book 1.  “Veterinary Medical Terminology”. Book By Dawn E Chrsitenson, Selma Kascczuk.    Book 2.  “Clinical Anatomy & Physiology for Veterinary Technican” Book  By Joanna M. Bassert, Mosby, Thomas P Colville, Joana M Bassert.

* These two books student will need purchase.
Look at Amazon on-line book store and you may be able to find a second hand one

Course Structure

A study guide, reference and text books. The study guide, which is divided into a series of modules, leads the student step-by-step, through lessons with objectives, reading and writing assignments, progress tests, and the final exam.

Course Structure

  • Written Assignments 60%
  • Examinations 40%

End of Course Examination

STFCAH students are required to pass the final examination takes place when the student has completed the assignments and is ready to take the exam. The student is required to elect a person in their town to whom we can send the test paper. This person supervises the examination and returns the paper, signed by them, to our office after the examination is complete.

Career Opportunities

This course is a comprehensive and study of animal health and modalities. Creating a sound and confident person enabling him or her to have tools to draw upon when needed for there own pet. It will empower you to knowing how to address and provide solutions to many animal health related conditions often without the need to surgery, drugs or other.


Diploma Natural Animal Medicines