Certificate Foundation Natural Animal Health – Entire Course & Course Syllabus

Certificate Foundation Natural Animal Health – Entire Course & Course Syllabus


Required Books

Course Description

This course will give a student a thorough grounding in the practical use of Homeopathic Medicines, safely applied to pets of all species and ages. Farmers and animal guardians who would like to be able to prescribe safely for their farm animals and domestic pets to treat simple everyday conditions.

We also include information on diet, nutrition and herbs which are the basics of “animal naturopathy” studies.

Course Outline

What is homeopathy and the origins and history of homeopathy and the its philosophy.
Introduction to animal homeopathy including – allopathic and homeopathy, naturopathy, herbs, diet, and farm animal treatment, emotional– behavior repertory, homeopathic prescribing for common ailments, preparation and dosage of homeopathy, first aid for your pets. Includes the HAMPL Animal Health Help Kit – 29 homeopathic and herbal remedies Kit with Booklet.

Study Options

  1. Full Course Payment
  2.  Payment Plan
    Please contact us to discuss a special payment plan. e.g fortnightly payments.
  3. Pay as you Study, per Module
    Register on-line to “pay per module”  which is $400 AUD each module.

Australia – Free shipping all text books.
International – $30AUD



Currently all “module study text books” are posted to you with selected books (if purchased also)
(Not all modules require extra study books or materials)


RPL (recognition prior learning)

We do offer  *RPL exemptions.
(Please Scan and attach copies and email
i n f o @ s t f c a h . c o m     or     fax    (Int +61)  08 9228 1793  your qualification/s)

RPL exemption example:
Qualified – Veterinarian, Veterinarian Nurse – before starting the Diploma Course, completion of Module 2 of the foundation course is required.  Diploma Course –  Module 1, 2 and 3 required, whilst “Veterinarian Health Science” – Module 4 is exempt.
Qualified – Herbalists, Homeopaths, Naturopaths – before starting the Diploma Course, completion of Module 2 of the Foundation Course is required.  Diploma Course – Module 2, 3, and 4 required, whilst “History of Homeopathy” – Module 1 is exempt.


Module Assignments

You will have 1 to 2 Assignments to complete at the end of each Module. Students are required to send in for marking before graduating on to the next module.

Final Exam

At the end of the Foundation Certificate course in Natural Animal Medicines and Health,  a one hour open book “written exam” at the choice of your own premises. The written exam is sent back to the college for grading.  Your Certificate Award and grades, hours of study upon satisfactory completion and grades.

Completed Assignments can be sent to the college for marking
Fax,  Email  or  Post
1.  Facsimile:
(Int +61)  08 9228 1793

2.  Email:
i n f o @ s t f c a h . c o m

3.  Post:
STFCAH   PO Box 528, Mt Hawthorn. W.A. 6915. Australia


  • Medical Philosophy by Hahnemann
  • The law of cure, vital force
  • Homeopathy and allopathy
  • Case taking
  • The Organon
  • Miasms
  • Constitutional
  • Clinical Homeopathy
  • Naturopathy in Animal Care
  • Herbal nutrition
  • Animal nutrition
  • Immune system
  • Farm animal care
  • Animal Homeopathy Kit of 29 remedies with Booklet
  • Vaccines – feline and Canine oral nosodes
  • Heart worm, naturally
  • Animal Home Care, Vaccines and Farm Health the Natural Way
  • Preparation, Decimal and Centesimal potencies and dosage
  • Clinical Animal Repertory A – Z (part 1)
  • Emotional and Behavioural Homeopathic remedies
  • Touch therapy – behaviour
  • Biochemic Tissue Salts
  • Animal Health Science (part 1)
  • 50 Small Animal diseases (part 1)
  • Basic Applied Kinesiology/ Dowsing (part 1)
  • First Aid
  • Acute prescribing on your animals
  • Case Studies of your own animals


There are no prerequisites for this course.

Delivery Modes

This course is offered via distance education (correspondence). So you can study no matter what part of the world you live in.

Flexible Enrolment

This course may be studied part-time or full-time and is estimated to take approximately 8 to 12 months part-time. With each module being completed within a 6 month timeframe.  However, you can take has many months or years to complete.

STFCAH Course Materials

Your investment includes four large comprehensive work text manuals.

STFCAH Required Books

* Available to purchase from College as you study.


    • Module 1
      A to Z Homeopathy: “A complete Course on Clinical Homeopathy”  by A. Jayasuriya     $30.00AUD
    • Module 2
      Nil Books Required
    • Module 3  
      “Pendulum Dowsing Book”  by Cassandra Eason      $14.00AUD
      Pendulum work tool (crystal)     $3.00AUD
      “Handbook of the BioChemic Tissue Salts”  by Martin & Pleasance    $12.00AUD
    • Module 4
      Nil Books Required

Course Structure

A study guide, reference and text books. The study guide, which is divided into a series of modules, leads the student step-by-step, through lessons with objectives, reading and writing assignments, progress tests, and the final exam.


The final examination takes place at your own home when the student has completed the assignments and is ready to take the exam.

What will this achieve?

Having acquired this profound learning of animal homeopathy and naturopathy (natural medicines) and its principals will equip the layperson the to confidence to apply natural medicines to your own animals.


Certificate in Foundation in Natural Animal Health & Medicines