The Natural Animal Help Kit – 29 Remedies




The Natural Animal Help Kit – 29 Remedies
with Instructions Booklet. Contains 29 homeopathic,  with one Herbal Antibiotic drops.

Twenty five are single homeopathic and four are combination formulas – one herbal antibiotic, bach flowers rescue remedy, with two homeopathic combination formulas.

Use for all species and ages.

Dosing Farm animals, wildlife or feral animals – stir in a dose to water trough and/or food.


Non Drug Natural Remedies formulas

Aconite (monkshood)                         Acon. 200C
Apis Mellfica (honeybee)                   Apis. 200C
Arnica Montana (leopard’s bane)    Arn. 200C
Arsenicum Album (arsenic)              Ars. 200C
Belladonna (nightshade)                   Bell. 200C
Cantharis (Spanish fly)                      Canth. 1M
Carbo Veg (veg charcoal)                  Carb-V. 200C
Hepar Sulph (sulph of lime)             Hep. 6X
Hepar Sulp (sulph of lime)               Hep. 200C
Hypericum (st.johns wort)               Hyper. 1M
Ignatia (st.Ignatius bean)                 Ign. 200C
Kali Phos (potassium phos)             Kali-p. 200C
Ledum (marsh tea)                           Led. 200C
Mag Phos (magnesium phos)         Mag-p. 200C
Mer Sol (soluble mercury)              Merc-Sol. 10M
Nat Mur (sodium chloride, salt)     Nat-M. 200C
Nux Moschata (nutmeg)                 Nux-M 200C
Nux Vomica (poison nut)                Nux. 30C
Phosphorus (the element)               Phos. 1M
Pulsatilla (wind flower)                   Puls. 200C
Rhus Tox (poison nut)                     Rhus-t. 200C
Ruta Grav (garden rae -plant)        Ruta 200C
Silica (silica, sand)                            Sil. 200C
Thuja Occidentals (plant)               Thuj 200C

With Homeopathic complex and a Herbal Antibioitic

HAMPL Cough Clear –kennel Cough (homeopathics) COMBO
HAMPL Pet Calm – Boarding, Calm, Grief (homeopathics) COMBO
HAMPL Liver Detox and Regenerator (homeopathics) COMBO
Rescue Remedy Drops (bach flowers) COMBO

Natural Antibiotic
HAMPL Infection Fighter drops (herbal antibiotic)